Wow, This “Super Mom” Creates 40 Meals in 4 Hours!

Can we say OMG! This “Super Mom” was able to create 40 meals in 4 hours that will last for a month! It’s called freezer cooking which allows her to take them out the night before and place them in her crockpot and by the time she gets back home, she’ll have dinner ready on the table. This is a great idea to try and can save you so much time and money. It does require a little bit of prep time, but we believe it’s worth taking a day to do, if it’ll make your life easier. She’s compiled a ton of recipes and even has a link to her Pinterest board for more ideas. It’s definitely a must-see, and for those of you who don’t need that much food, she even has blogs on 20 Meals in 2 Hours and 7 Meals in 1 Hour. Neat huh? Go check her out!


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