Testimonial – Monica M.

Monica M, 33y.o. female, arms and inner thighs

Day 1 So far I’m doing great with the liposuction treatment that I had on my arms and inner thighs, yesterday Apr 11, 2011. I was able to drive myself home safe with no pain. Once I got home I took a nap. When I woke up from my nap I changed my dressings, some of the incisions we already closed but a few still had some drainage. The bruising was still there but the swelling was almost all gone. I was able to do a few chores around the house. The anesthesia was wearing off but the only pain I felt was a bit of soreness on my arms. Like if I would have worked out my arms at the gym for the first time of not working out in a long time, it was at about 2 out 10 on the pain scale for me. When it was time for me to call it a day, I tried to sleep on my side putting a bit of pressure to my right arm and leg. That was a no no for me because I started to feel a lot of pain like a 5 out of 10 and lots of discomfort in those areas. So then I turned to my back, elevated my legs with a pillow and place my hands on my belly and the pain went away in less then 10 min. This morning I woke up painless. I will let you know how the rest of the day goes. Thank you Myshape, it was nice meeting you guys. The attention and care I got was incredible. Have a nice day.

1 week

Its been a week since my procedure, after the second day I was able to go back to my everyday routine. I have been measuring my inner thighs and have lost about two inches per thigh. The swelling is gone and the bruising on my thighs are barely noticeable and on my arms the bruising is gone. I love how I look wearing tank tops and my legs look great in shorts. Im looking forward to getting the rest of my procedures done with your company. Thanks a million.

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