Testimonial – Female abdomen, love handles, hips, inner and outer thighs and knees

48 y.o. Female, Full abdomen, love handles, hips, inner, outer thighs and knees

It’s been two weeks since my procedures and the results are amazing! I flew into Vegas a size 12 jeans and today I am still a little swollen, but fitting into my size 8’s again. Which will be perfect for my 30th class reunion. This has given me the jump start I needed to up my game at the gym and to kick the refined sugar habit. I definitely want to keep this body!

Thank Trevor for me! I had a scar on my lower abdomen since age 5 and with all the fat growing around it it use to look like I had a butt in the front as well as the back, BUT NOW my tummy is flat and smooth and the scar is hardly noticeable at all. Everyone was so nice to me and everything was done exactly as your site advertised. What a relief.

I can’t thank you enough for giving me my sexy back!!

I wonder if you still have a picture of me with Trevor holding all 4 containers of fat. I’m surprised all that came off of me and would like to share it with my girlfriends who are now considering a trip out there.

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