SmartLipo Safety & Complications

SmartLipo is an extremely safe procedure. The SmartLipo procedure was approved by the FDA in November of 2006, and a serious life-threatening complication has never resulted from SmartLipo. That is because SmartLipo is performed under local anesthetic and not the much more risky general anesthesia. SmartLipo has been performed tens of thousands of times since being brought to North America in 2005 and has shown itself to be one of the safest cosmetic surgeries available.

The SmartLipo procedure along with the tumescent liposuction technique is safer than traditional liposuction because there is minimal bleeding and minimal invasion. In addition, only local anesthetic drugs are used in the SmartLipo procedure. There are no extensive stitches or incisions to possibly get infected, and no lengthy hospital stays are required. SmartLipo is an outpatient procedure that is one of the safest and fastest-growing cosmetic surgery options available today.

SmartLipo Laser…Proven Safe with Liposuction

In traditional liposuction there are potential drawbacks which include: bleeding, bruising, long recovery times with increased postoperative discomfort, and skin laxity. SmartLipo Laser assisted liposuction is an emerging technology that is addressing all of these issues. But the big question; “Is SmartLipo really safe?” A study completed at the Juva Skin & Laser Center in New York has addressed this concern and that SmartLipo is in fact a very safe adjunct to tumescent liposuction to melt the fat and tighten the skin.

The SmartLipo Laser was approved by the FDA to use the laser technology to melt the fat as well as coagulate blood vessels to decrease bleeding, in addition to tightening the skin by heating up the collagen. This study was designed to determine the number of adverse events associated with the SmartLipo Laser. A total of 537 procedures were performed in one center using SmartLipo in conjunction with tumescent liposuction. Throughout the study there were no systemic complications noted and only 5 local complications reported. These complications included 1 infection and 4 local skin burns, which represents a complication rate of 0.93%.

The Study concluded Laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) with SmartLipo is a safe adjunct to tumescent liposuction which assists in melting fat and tightening the skin.

If you are a candidate for SmartLipo and wish to decrease potential bleeding, bruising, healing time and tighten your skin, then SmartLipo is a very safe procedure with proven benefits.

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