With liposuction, we are able to remove large volumes of fat from nearly any area of the body. The reduction of fat will significantly reduce your size and allow you to fit better into your clothes. The procedure can safely be done while you are awake in our comfortable office setting and you will walk out of our office. We have chosen the safest most effective means of fat removal. Our goal is to offer safe, consistent results at a cost effective price. We use the Tumescent Technique for local anesthesia, so our patients remain awake throughout the procedure, but don’t worry, oral sedation medication can be given if you are anxious. We use the Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) made by MicroAire because it allows our specialist the ability to achieve consistently smooth and even results. We also make use of the SmartLipo Laser to aid in skin tightening.

If you are considering liposuction and a tummy tuck, in most cases, we recommend to our patients that they get the liposuction procedure done first. We recommend this for several reasons. First off, the results of your tummy tuck will be dramatically better due to the fact that the fat has already been removed. Secondly, most of our patients are so impressed with the results of our liposuction that they don’t actually need a tummy tuck after all, saving them money and the risks of general anesthesia.

For more in-depth information regarding liposuction, please see our Liposuction FAQ, and if you have more specific questions, our staff would love to assist you.


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