At MyShape, transparency is very important to our team. We want you to know exactly what you are getting for the money that you spend with us. Our flat rate pricing allows you to know precisely your cost and there are no hidden fees. We value your business and know you want the best service for your dollar.

Our goal is to make our procedures affordable for anyone that desires them. Our prices are generally 50% less than our competitors, for exactly the same procedures. It is common that our patients have had other quotes that are two to three times more expensive for the same procedure. Why are our rates so low? Because we are a specialty facility, we have developed routines and protocols that allow us to offer excellent customer service with consistently smooth results. With our team approach, we are much more efficient than other facilities that offer liposuction as one of their dozens of procedures. Liposuction is the only procedure that we do, and we have gotten very good at it with over 15,000 procedures performed. With MyShape Lipo you can expect the highest quality customer service, high end facility with state of the art equipment and educated staff that make your experience very pleasant.

Our Liposuction Costs are All Inclusive. At MyShape Lipo “We Make Liposuction Affordable”

Liposuction Price Per Area $2000 35% OFF $1299/area

1 Area = $2000/ $1299   2 Areas= $4000/ $2598
3 Areas= $6000/ $3897 4 Areas= $8000/ $5196
5 Areas= $10,000/ $6495   6 Areas= $12,000/$7794
7 Areas= $14,000/ $9093 8 Areas= $16,000/ $10,392
9 Areas=$18,000/$11,691

*LIMITED TIME SPECIAL (Prices are subject to change each month)

Liposuction Areas Treated

Upper Body

  • Chin/Neck/Jowels
  • Arms
  • Breast Reduction
  • Chest/Gynecomastia
  • Front Bra Roll/Underarms
  • Back Bra Roll
  • Buffalo Hump

Mid Section

  • Upper Abdomen
  • Lower Abdomen
  • Pannus/Apron
  • Pubic
  • Love Handles
  • Hips
  • Lower Back
  • Buttocks

Lower Body

  • Full Thighs (6 Areas)
  • Outer Thighs
  • Inner Thighs
  • Banana Roll
  • Knees
  • Calves
  • Ankles

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Deposit
  • Consultation
  • Procedure
  • Compression Garment(s)
  • Medical Supplies (for first 3 days)
  • Follow-up Appointments

Both left and right sides are included in one area for liposuction. Unlike our competitors that advertise low teaser rates, then charge per side, we include both sides in one area. Really, who gets just one love handle or one arm treated? They are simply doing bait and switch advertising, which we feel is misleading.

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for larger sized clients, although they may require more areas be treated for optimal results.

There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for facility fees, anesthesia fees, doctor fees, garment fees or any other fees that our competitors charge extra.

*Fat Transfer to the Hands or Fat Transfer to the Face can be performed by harvesting a small amount of fat from the body, therefore treating a whole area with liposuction is not required for these Fat Transfer services. Fat Transfer to the Buttocks or Fat Transfer to the Breasts requires 2 or more areas of liposuction to have enough fat cells to perform a fat transfer to these areas.

Fat Transfer Prices 33% OFF

Buttocks: $3000 $2000,  * plus liposuction costs
Breasts: $3000  $2000, * plus liposuction costs
Face: $3000  $2000
Hands: $3000  $2000

Face and Hands:  $6000  50% OFF  $3000

SmartLipo Prices

SmartLipo 6watt: $1000 65% off $350 per area 
(Only available as an add-on to lipo)
SmartLipo MPX 46watt: $1200 45% off $650 per area 
(Must be done in combination with Liposuction)
SmartLipo MPX 46watt: $2000  40% off $1200 per area 
For SmartLipo MPX Laser only

Laser Cellulite Treatment Prices

$1000 per area (when treatment is done on the same area as lipo)
$1500 per area, for Laser Cellulite Treatment only

Venus Legacy Prices

$2600 per series of 8 - 1 hour treatments 
$1800 per series of 8 - 30 minute treatments 
$1200 per series of 8 - 15 minute treatments

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary, please consult with specialist before making important medical decisions, this website does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of such content and materials. Results are dependent on the individuals own unique bodily limitations. A consultation is recommended in order to provide individual expectations.