Health Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction may have more than just cosmetic benefits, as a new study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s has found that the removal of fat may have profound health benefits. The findings suggest that liposuction may have some value for patients who have dangerously high cholesterol levels. It’s well known that carrying excess fat leads to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and many other health issues. Not to mention, the mental anguish and physical limitations that excess fat impose on individuals.

The study helped shed some light on the subject regarding liposuction and it’s health benefits. Researchers measured the cholesterol levels of more than 300 patients who were about to undergo liposuction procedures. They found that triglyceride levels dropped following the procedure by about 43 percent among those who had the unhealthiest cholesterol.

Reduced Cholesterol

Reducing your cholesterol can significantly improve your health profile and decrease your risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and stroke. With the high fat and carbohydrate diet that most people eat in our society today, reducing your cholesterol could have significant effects as you age. Since many disease processes don’t show up until later in life, most don’t consider their risk factors earlier in their life. A decrease in your cholesterol today could mean a longer life in your future.

“These findings suggest that patients who are considering liposuction who have at-risk triglyceride levels may reduce their risk of developing these serious health problems, while correcting body disproportions,” said Dr. Eric Swanson, who led the investigation. “Patients not only look better, but may be healthier too.”

He added that the findings make sense, as high levels of fat, the kind that accumulates in the abdomen and is removed by liposuction, has been connected to heart disease risk.

High triglyceride levels can be a major health concern. They have been associated with an increased risk of suffering a cardiovascular event like a heart attack or stroke. It has also been linked to the prevalence of diabetes in over weight individuals.

Reduced risk of Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 tends to show up in obese individuals around ages 30-50. This has been directly linked to the abundance of fat. Losing weight will help this, but it also tends to be very difficult for these individuals. The physical removal of fat through liposuction can have the same benefit and achieve the goal much quicker. Diabetes has very few symptoms until it is too late. The disease tends to affect small blood vessels which take time to appreciate the extent of the damage until it’s too late. The right thing to do is reduce your risk factors so that you never become diabetic and avoid all of the potential problems.

Increased Mobility

As one gets larger it is inherently more difficult to move as they are restricted by the additional fat distributed throughout their body. Because of this, obese individuals don’t exercise as much as they need to which makes their problem worse. The removal of fat can have dramatic improvements in mobility. Patients report more flexibility and easier movements performing daily tasks. Since they are able to move better it tends to motivate people to get more active. Most people don’t realize how restricted they have become secondary to the additional fat they carry. Until it’s gone, you will never know how much it was affecting you.

Decreased Back Pain

Back pain affects millions of people throughout the country. When you are obese, the shear weight of the abdomen causes significant back pain. Many patients notice an immediate reduction of back pain once the fat is removed from the abdomen.

What does this mean for you? It’s another great reason to consider liposuction. In most cases people are seeking our services because they are not happy with the way they look. But now you can get peace of mind knowing that you are not only going to look and feel better, but you will also be decreasing your risk factors for heart disease, stroke and diabetes, while improving you mobility and decreasing back pain.

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