Effects of Fat Transfer on Breast Mammography

When getting a fat transfer to the breasts it’s important to be aware of the potential effects and changes that may occur with future mammography exams. Studies have shown that mammography changes after fat transfer were of no significant consequence. The findings on mammography after fat transfer were less than those found after breast reduction which is a commonly recognized procedure and found to be safe. It’s important that one tells the practitioner performing the mammogram that they have had fat transfer to the breasts, so any findings are not mistaken for serious problems.

The following are possible changes that may occur.

  • Oil cyst occurs in 20% of patients (oil cysts are debris from dead fat cells that have formed a small accumulation)
  • Scarring is present in most patients (scarring is your bodies natural reaction to any trauma and is of no consequence in most cases)
  • Calcification nodules (occasionally the body will form calcific deposits which are hard round nodules, most are of no consequence)

It is recommended that you have a baseline mammogram prior to the procedure to document no issues. Following fat transfer, one should be aware of the above potentials and disclose this information at future mammograms. In studies, there was just slight increase in recommended follow up exams of patients that had fat transfer to the breasts in compared to those that have not had the procedure.

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