Client Journal – Steve

Male age 43, UL abs, LH, butt

The first day after surgery. Just wanted to let you guys know what a great experience i had with you all. From start to finish, you were all very professional and very informative. Trevor explained everything in detail, so there were never any surprises. I guess it comes down to trust, and i felt that no matter what happened, i would be taken care of. As far as my pain level, on a scale one to ten, i would rate it at about a four. I have been walking around all afternoon after the surgery. I would say that it did not impede me from doing anything other than working out or work for the first day. Tomorrow I would be able to go back to work with no problems, other than a little soreness in the areas that were worked on. I have had no weird feelings other than minor drainage. A little swelling has occured to the areas that were worked on, but nothing major. I can already tell a difference without even being able to take off my compression garments. All in all, it was a very painless process and would recomend it to anyone that is not sure what to expect. Trevor, Coryn and Angel the entertainer, were all very good at what they do. I will keep you up to date on my progress. Take care, and thank you again for a wonderful experience.

Continued… just want to keep you up to date on my progress. Day two, woke up with alot more pain than day one. My pain level went from a 4 to about a 8. Funny though, as the day progressed and i was doing more, it got better. There is no question, lying around does not help. Activities for day two, included cleaning my entire apartment. I was able to do pretty much do what ever i wanted to do. As the day ended, i took off the compression garments to shower, One word, ”SHOCK”..Hard to believe the results. I still felt a little swelling on day two, but Trevor said that would be expected. When i took off my garments there was no more drainage, I guess it all emptied throughout the night. I will be going back to work tommorow. I just wanted to you all to know what an amazing experience the whole process was from the beginning. Trust is everything in a procedure that most are unfamiliar with, and i had no problems with Trevor. He talks you through the entire process and before you know it, its all done. I like the fact that there were only a few people present during the whole experience. It made me feel as though i was being taken care of exclusively. Thank you again..Steve “aka Ironman”..ha…tell all i said hello…

Cont… day three progress. The pain level has gone back down to about a 3. Really have no swelling but a little. The areas worked on are a little tender but thats about it. Ran ten miles today felt good. Ha joking.. No for real, feel great. Again the results are hard to believe. Trevor is amazing at what he does. Im still in shock. Im still pretty bruised, but last time i checked im not a male model. You guys are great, if there is anything i can do for you, you got it. Hope all is well and will be in touch. Take care..Ironman…”Steve”

Cont….its Steve. Two weeks are over. Most of the swelling has gone down and pretty much pain free. I just wanted to thank you and your team of fat fighters that i am very pleased with the care from start to finish and after. Since i stepped in your office, i felt important. Being in the service industry for twenty years, i can tell you one thing, its very easy to tell when people take an interest in you and when they don’t. I felt at home and very comfortable with all of you as you all shared the same interest in my comfort and happiness. As far as the procedure, everything that you did, the pain, what to expect was right on point. Basically it comes down to trust and that was a non issue with all of you. If you told me to go home and sit in a tub of ice to help my swollen but cheeks and stomach, i would have. Thank god you did not. Feeling good, and looking forward to seeing the final results in time. I am very happy and pleased with everything you provided and then some. I would recommend you to all and would say this to anyone that walked through your door, when you come here, and by the time you leave, you will have felt like you were a family member. I thank you again and will be in touch. Please come to Strip Steak at Mandalay Bay and let me treat you the same, and spend a little time in my office. You will all be taken care of!!! I promise.. Request Hammer, or Steve. aka (Ironman)..Take care and tell everyone i said hello..

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