Client Journal – Male – Full Abdomen

Male 32 yrs old, Full Abdomen and love handles

Dude…This is incredible!

The procedure itself was pretty easy. I had it at the end of the day after a long days work, they were nice enough to fit me in. It was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. There was just a weird sensation during the numbing part that felt like a little pinching sensation throughout my belly as they were putting the numbing fluid in me. After that it was smooth sailing. The staff was very nice and talked to me the whole time to keep my mind off the fact that they were removing my fat and I was awake! It’s a little freaky, but definitely not painful. After, I felt great, I was still numb for about 4 hours after the procedure. I was able to ride my motorcycle home 30 miles after, and had no problems! That night I started getting a little sore and took some Tylenol which was sufficient for my pain. I only drained a little that first night and there was no issues with draining on my sheets at night.

Day 1 Today I went back to work. I was sore in the morning and felt stiff and swollen, but had no problem getting ready and riding my motorcycle to work. I was sore with a pain level of 4/10. It was a little uncomfortable throughout the day and I took more Tylenol. It felt better to walk around and stay active, but I had the most problems with bending forward to pick things up. It was like I had done a 1000 sit ups and it hurt to move. I noticed toward the end of the day I seemed to swell more, but it felt good to have the extra support of the compression garment.

Day 2 Another day at the office. The pain was a little less today. I took a shower this morning and got my first look of the results. I was obviously smaller, but swollen which was a little disappointing. I know it takes time for your body to heal, but I am happy with the change so far. The swelling is starting to get firm and tight today. It’s a little weird that the sensation on the skin is less. I can feel pressure, but light touch is hard to feel. Today again, the swelling was worse toward the end of the day and I was ready to chill out on the couch when I got home. I took some Tylenol again today, but the pain was not too bad. The draining seems to have stopped by this evening.

Day 3 Today I’m feeling much better. I’m still sore, but feel like it’s a little easier to move around. The areas treated are very firm today from the swelling. In the morning it looks great when there is less swelling, but gets a little more swollen toward the end of the day after being on my feet all day. It’s so weird that the whole area is so hard from the swelling, but they said this would happen and that it is normal.

Day 4 The pain is much less today and it is easier to move around. It’s still sore to bend over but it’s definitely getting easier and the pain level is decreasing. I started going for my usual nightly walk for about a mile and it felt good to move around. It seemed like I loosened up a little by moving around. It felt good to stretch, but I was limited by the swelling so I didn’t push too hard. The swelling is starting to fluctuate a little less now. Initially I felt like I would immediately swell up as soon as I took off the compression, but not so much now.

Day 7 Feeling good today. Pain is 1-2/10. I went for a light jog this morning which went well. I was a little stiff and sore to start, but I loosened up quick. I’m still swollen, but I don’t feel like I need the compression garment anymore. I don’t feel like I am actively swelling when I take off the garment. My stomach looks good in general, it’s still very firm from the swelling, but the skin is tight and I look thinner. I am so happy that my love handles are gone. I didn’t even think I had love handles. The adits are all closed up and scabbed over now. I’m very encouraged about healing.

Day 12 The pain is nearly gone; I’m just a little stiff still. There is still swelling that is firm. I always wanted abs of steelJ. It seems like the hardness is starting to soften up a little, but only in a few areas. It’s weird that certain areas seem to be healing at different rates. I’ve been jogging pretty much every day now. Just a light jog, but it feels good to be moving.

Week 3 I feel great!! The swelling is really starting to come down now and I’m looking good. There is still a general firmness about my belly, but there are certain areas that are getting softer. It’s really weird, sometimes there looks like there are lumps of swelling, and other times they’re gone. I guess that’s fluctuation of the swelling. I’m trying not to monitor it daily like they suggested. I just need to be patient at this point, I see that the swelling is coming down, but I’m so anxious to see the final results.

Week 4 Lookin’ good. Most of the firmness has softened up. My stomach is flat and my pants are looser than they’ve been in years. I notice these weird “bands of tissue” under my skin when I stretch out. I was told this was normal and will go away in time. I’m totally happy with these results and they said that it was going to get better yet!! I’ve gotten back to all my normal activities like soccer, hiking, tennis and surfing.

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