Client Journal – Kenya S

Kenya, S. Full Thighs and Fat Transfer to the Breasts.

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been busy with finals. I know I’m past my 2wk post op and this coming Monday will make it 1 month so here’s my journal. Surgery on 7/22/11, approximately 7 hours after surgery, woke up to change dressing and move around a little. Was very sore and my legs were a little unstable so I pretty much used to wall for support.

7/23/11: removed garment to take a shower, still sore, but was able to move around a little better after warming up in the shower. Did a lot of walking around on this day at a slow pace as the sites continued to drain. I had the fat transfer to my breast and though they were swollen, there was barely any pain. They just felt heavy.

7/24/11: Returned home and the most difficult part of going home was walking up 34 stairs in my house to get to my room. I was still sore from surgery and the bruising was pretty bad at this point. The pain medication helped, however made me very drowsy. As soon as I returned home, I removed the garment again to shower and wash it again because the drainage went through the garment on that Saturday and Sunday. To make sure the legs were always wrapped in a compressed garment, I made sure to keep on a support girdle when I was not wearing the garment so that the sites would continue to drain.

7/25/11: I went back to work. Because I sit at a desk all day. Still experiencing soreness. I made sure to take it easy that week, changed my dressing through out the day and made sure to wear loose fitting clothing that would conceal the garment.

7/29/11: The drainage has stopped and the sites have now started to close up and heal. Because there’s no more drainage, the fluid that remained in my body caused my feet and ankles to swell, this was somewhat painful. There was bruising in my legs now because the fluid had no where to go. The soreness remains in my legs, but I’m beginning to do stretches because the muscles feel tight and it has helped tremendously. The main issue was the swelling in the ankles and feet because it became difficult to walk at times. To remedy that, I keep my feet elevated whenever I was sitting or lying down and wrapped them with ace bandages and this really helped.

8/5/11: During this week the swelling in my feet subsided, my legs were starting to get some feeling back in them, however certain areas of my skin would itch, the bruising is just about gone, but still visible in certain areas.

8/10/11: The bruising is completely gone, there is no more soreness or swelling in my legs, or my feet. My thighs look 100% better. I love the way my jeans fit. I’m still not quite able to wear shorts because the sites are still healing and there’s a little scarring. I don’t want to pick at them so I’m letting them heal on their own and the skin tone will eventually even out with the rest of my body. Overall, I’m very pleased with my results, I’m glad I had the liposculpture because for me, I now have more confidence in showing my legs without worrying about who’s looking at my cellulite! I would encourage anyone that is on the fence about liposculpture to give it a try, it was certainly one of the best decisions I ever made!

No matter what I have gone through the fact that I am still here is a sign that God isn’t through with me yet. Devil you should have killed me when you had the chance but because today is a new day and I still have life in my body is a sign that trouble won’t last always, I will arise from this place. I will recover all! I may have lost some things, some people, and myself along the way but God said that He would never leave me nor forsake me.

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