Client Journal – James W

Good afternoon My Lipo Shape family,

WOW man I must say everything that you guys have posted on your website is exactly what I’ve went through. As you know I had my procedure done on January 9th, 2012. Just after having it done I was able to walk around Vegas as if I had nothing done. Later that night I changed the pads because I did have leakage for that day and a little the day after. My pain level was about a 4-5. The only thing I could not take was the itching of the compression garment. With my upper back being so wide my garment kept trying to slide down towards my waist which makes sense.

I return back home on January 10th, 2012 and received a follow up call from Trevor that day. I was a little tired from the travel so I took a nap. Later that night around 11pm I woke up because I was very sore…just like I’ve had a really great workout at the gym. I took some pain meds and went back to bed. During that week I noticed some days I would be very sore and stiff depending if I moved around a lot that day before.

During the second week I did walk about 2 miles one day and I was fine, I tried to run down some stairs which was not a good idea because everything was still trying to connect back (abdominal wall to skin). After my full two week I took the garment off but did put it back on a few time because things would feel very tight in the mornings when I woke up. I did notice a lot of bruising around my waist line and that area swelled up from time to time. My right lower back was numb and sore. The soreness was from the dressing. At times now I still feel a little soreness or may be tenderness but very rare. I did swell up after my first week and was a little discouraged but remember Trevor told me that would happen. After the procedure I could tell a difference but I did swell that following week but now things are looking good. I did how ever wished my lower stomach area was a little flatter but that could be my genetic make up. Over all the procedure was about a 5 pain level and after two weeks I was able to start back working out. I will keep you guys posted as too when I can make it back to Vegas but I will send you some pics.

Thanks for everything!

James W. Winder, GA

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