Client Journal – Andrea M

Andrea M, Fort Irwin, CA: 37 yr old Female: Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles and Hips

10/28/11 – I had liposuction on my abdomen and love handles today. I did not feel much pain throughout the procedure itself. I did feel a pain in my upper rib cage when they had to insert the instrument to get me numb, but that went away quickly. With the help of the medication, I slept on the 2 ½ hour drive home and continued to sleep once I got home. When I woke up, my family and I went to go see a movie. I had a little discomfort with sitting, but I was able to reposition myself and felt better. The drainage of fluid was moderate in a few locations and not a lot in the others.

10/29/11 – On Day 2, I walked around Universal Studios all day with minimal discomfort. I wanted to make sure that I was getting my body moving and helping it heal. I kept the garment and pads on the adit sites. I took a sponge bath the first and second day, since I needed to keep the garment in place. There was a lot of swelling in my pelvic region, which they said was normal.

10/30/11 – On Day 3, I walked around the mall. I was able to shower and change my bandage. When I took the bandage off, I was feeling a little dizzy at first. I also noticed a change in my appearance, which was exciting. I did 50 abdominal crunches with the garment off before my shower, and I noticed a tingling sensation in my belly.

10/31/11 – On Day 4, I still had some discomfort with sitting, but I was fine once I readjusted or stood up. I walked around the neighborhood and the treadmill, plus I did some more crunches. My feet were a little swollen when I put my shoes on. I could have returned to work today if I needed to.

11/1/11 – On Day 5, I was feeling more internal bruising with a pain level of about a 3/10. It was not unbearable because I was still able to walk and do some crunches. The drainage seemed to be less.

11/2/11 – On Day 6, I was having a lot of swelling in my stomach, so I tried to massage the firm, lumpy areas. The swelling in my pelvic region has gone down some. The tingling sensation in my stomach comes and goes.

11/7/11 – On Day 10, I was able to do most things. I still felt bruised on my sides and some discomfort from the garment. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a different ladies undergarment, which helped a great deal.

1/17/12 – Almost 3 months later, I am having some mild swelling in my abdomen around my belly button and love handle area. I have noticed that my pants are fitting better in the waist. My adit sites are healing very well. Two of the sites feel like a small mosquito bite, but I am continually putting Mederma on them. I am excited to witness the final results after the 6-12 month time period.

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