Tummy Tuck, Do I Really Need It Or Is Lipo Enough?

The Tummy Tuck has long been used to give patients a flat stomach. Most people don’t realize what is involved in a Tummy Tuck. First, you need to go under general anesthesia which carries a host of potential complications by itself. Second, you will have a “HUGE” scar on your lower abdomen that spans from one hip to the other. Most of the time the skin is pulled too tight and the scar stretches becoming very thick and dark in color. Your excess skin will be removed, and the skin from above will be pulled down and sewn to the skin below. In doing so, a “new belly button” will be cut out for you!! Most of the time, minimal liposuction is performed at the time of the procedure unless you pay more. [Read more…]

Breast Reduction, Is Liposuction the Best option?

Reducing the size of your breasts can have a dramatic affect on your life. With large breasts, the effects of gravity can cause neck and back pain, deep grooves from your bra, and difficulty with physical activities. In the past, plastic surgeons would cut away portions of the breast tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breasts. Unfortunately there are many disadvantages to this procedure. It leaves very large scars and a new nipple will be cut out to fit the new breast. There can also be an odd shape since portions are being cut away. [Read more…]

Liposculpture: The Art of Body Sculpting

Liposculpture is the artful and permanent sculpting of body contours through the removal of fat deposits. The procedure will leave you with smaller, shapely body contours that are more proportionate to the rest of your body. Most have figured out by now that you can’t control the way that fat is deposited throughout your body. Poor genes and age can negate good intentions, hours of exercise and healthy eating habits. [Read more…]