Out of Shape? Here’s a Guide to Get You Back Into Shape!


We found this great workout plan that will GUIDE you into exercising again. We get it, life happens! A couple of missed workouts here and there and before you know it, months have passed by and you no longer have fitness motivation. Here’s the latest excuse: “I’ll just wait till the holidays are over and then I’ll start working out.” Well how about starting now! This guide will increase the intensity of the workouts in a timely matter, so you don’t become overwhelmed right from the get go. Check out the plan here and start getting back into shape.

Not Your Typical Green Smoothie

Green foods…….meh! We eat them because we have too. So how about we motivate you to eat them a little more with this delicious Jam-Packed Green Smoothie? It’s not just your typical green vegetables/water blended smoothie. This recipe is made up of almond milk, bananas and even coconut water. Sounds delicious! Go ahead check it out and try it today!

No.1 Advice to Do Before You Start a Diet


What a great tip to follow before you start any diet! In this article from shape.com, the number one thing you should do is to change the mental image you have of yourself. It may seem odd, but it’s actually been proven in the scientific community. If you replace negative thoughts with a happier/fitter version of yourself, you will most likely stick to the plan. In fact those who visualized themselves this way, ate twice as much healthier than those who didn’t. Make sure to read more about it and start visualizing today!

Moves That Target Your Hips and Thighs

Get your hips and thighs in shape with these six moves from our friends at shape.com. Learn to do some balancing squats, side-stepping curtseys and side-lying leg lifts. They are great for toning and do a fantastic job at engaging your abs as well. Go ahead and read the article today! [Read more…]

Morning Exercises to Help Boost Your Mood and Lose Weight

Research has shown that morning exercisers are more likely to stick with their routines than those who do so in the PM. So how does one become an “early morning exerciser?” Well, we can find our answer from our friends at shape.com. Learn more about changing those night owl habits into good ol’ morning habits to make you feel better all day long. [Read more…]

Learn to Balance to Achieve Body Strength

In order to achieve body strength, you must aim for perfect symmetry. How does that work? Simple! By working on these 9 Moves to Balance Your Body Strength, you’ll able to notice the difference in strength and flexibility between your left and right side, upper and lower body—allowing you to “sculpt” a better form. Get out a pencil and paper and start taking notes today!

Keep Your Pantry Stocked To Help Lose Weight

A great way to ensure you enjoy healthy meals at home is by simply having a well-stocked pantry. Studies have reported, cooking at home decreases your chances of becoming overweight or obese. A stocked kitchen will provide healthier options and can even help you shed a few pounds. Learn more about what items you need to keep on hand for balanced meals. [Read more…]

It’s National Chocolate Day! Yay!

In honor of National Chocolate Day, we wanted to celebrate by sharing this site containing all types of healthy chocolate recipes. They feature healthier versions of some of our favorite desserts: cookie dough, brownies, deep-dish cookie pies and chocolate chip pancakes. Hmmm yummy! Stay healthy and try some of these recipes today!