Fish Oil For Heart Healthy Living And Weight Loss

Most of us are likely to have heard stories from our parents about how grandma made them take a dreaded spoonful of cod liver oil a day for good health. Those in their 50’s and on up are likely to remember being given cod liver oil daily as children. They also can tell you how they cringe over the memory of the horrible taste. Yet it appears that grandma was really on the right track. We now know that omega 3 fish oil contains the essential fatty acids DHA, EPA and DPA. Health experts suggest that both children and adults should take some form of omega 3 fish oil daily in recommended doses to protect against numerous health complications. Fortunately, nowadays we can get our fish oil in capsules or flavored liquids and save ourselves and our children from the horrific taste. [Read more…]

Healthy Living…It’s All About The Little Things.

Life is busy, and we too often neglect the basics when it comes to leading a healthy and happy life. At MyShape Lipo our goal is to make having a healthier lifestyle simple – and put you on the path to a healthier you. It’s the little things that mean the most in your life. Small, everyday decisions have a long lasting effect on physical fitness, mental health, and relationships. [Read more…]

Eating Healthy – Asian Beef Salad

This starts out a new series by MyShape. We believe that liposuction is a change for most of our clients. As such one of the things we can all use a little change on is our eating habits. Every Friday, we will present a new recipe that will taste great and help keep the fat off.

Our first recipe is our Asian Beef Salad. Asian Beef Salad is a complete meal in a salad. It’s beautiful and scrumptious, and ready-to-enjoy in 30 minutes.
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Eating Healthy – 30 Minute Lasagna

30-Minute Lasagna

This recipe relies on ready-to-use ingredients such as fresh egg roll wrappers (which don’t require precooking). In keeping with the traditional recipe for lasagna, though, it still calls for the creamy, homemade bechamel sauce. [Read more…]