Using a Fitness Ball for Workouts

So you just bought your first fitness ball, otherwise known as a stability ball—but you have no idea what exercises you can do with it! Fitness balls are great for working your abdominal muscles as well as other core muscles. Check out this article here, for a workout that will teach all about balance, stability and strength.

Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight

You can lose weight by simply boosting your resting metabolic rate. Working to build more muscle, getting a good night’s rest, and even lowering your thermostat by two degrees can help increase your chances of burning more calories. Learn more about what other tricks can help you lose weight faster by clicking here.

Tabata Workouts Are Only 5 Minutes Or Less!


What is Tabata Training? Well for those of you who love a challenge and are addicted to adrenaline, you may want to keep reading. This training is great for increasing strength, losing weight and can improve your flexibility. How? By working out for only 4 minutes!! But not so fast….. [Read more…]

Stay Active this Halloween Weekend


Good afternoon Locals! Have you decided what you are going to do this weekend? Maybe some trick-or-treating? Maybe a costume party? Don’t know yet? Well maybe you should consider walking or jogging at a 5K this Saturday. [Read more…]

Spooky Workout Songs to Keep You Moving


Don’t have any plans this Halloween except for working out? Well you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it festive and fun. We found this great article listing 15 Spooky Workout Songs you can jam too while you hit the gym. They add up to almost 60 minutes which vary in speed and intensity. Go ahead and listen to the tracks for yourself. Continue celebrating this scary season while working out!

Simple Tips to Avoid Overindulging This Halloween

Halloween is tomorrow and with it comes along delicious candies. This is an opportunity to overindulge on some pretty sweet stuff, but you shouldn’t! Keep your diet intact and avoid getting a sugar rush by following these simple rules. Don’t let this Halloween haunt you.

Should You Stretch Before Working Out?


How many times have you been told to stretch before a workout? All the time right? We hear that it’s supposed to lessen soreness and prevent injury. Well according to research, static stretches does neither of those things. In fact, it will probably only make your legs feel sluggish. They actually recommend to warm-up to a light jog or a slow pedal, repeat as a cool down and THEN do 10 minutes of static stretching. Read more about this and other great articles here from our friends at