Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer and Liposuction

Breast augmentation with fat transfer is a two step process. First, your fat will be removed by liposuction in areas of your choice. The typical areas are the abdomen, flanks and outer thighs. The area that you are getting liposuction will be sculpted to give you the contours you desire and about 70% of the fat will be removed. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer to Breasts or Buttocks: What Is It and Does It Work?

Fat Transfer or fat grafting is getting more popular as the techniques and results are getting more consistent. Fat can be removed from one area of your body (ie. Stomach, thighs, arms) then transferred to an area that you would like to increase in size (ie. Breast and buttocks.) This is a very effective treatment but has it’s limitations. Most liposuction surgeons agree that approximately 70-90% of the fat transferred will actually “survive.” What this means is that only 70-90% of the volume transferred will actually be appreciated in the final results. [Read more…]

Breast Augmentation vs Fat Injection To The Breast?

Breast augmentation has been an extremely popular procedure since the’80’s. It’s pretty obvious when a celebrity get’s “new boobs” and usually draws a lot of attention (some good and some not so good.) The traditional breast augmentation with saline or silicon are good but they have their disadvantages. First, there are usually fairly large scars because you need to have a hole large enough to fit the implants. The shape of the breast with implants is fairly uniform, but it has an obvious unnatural appearance that you have implants. For some this is exactly what they are looking for to draw attention. For others it’s unwanted attention and a stigma that they’re “fake.” Also the recovery from Breast augmentation surgery is usually very painful and traumatic. [Read more…]

“Brazilian Butt-Lift” Baby’s Got Back!!

Yes it’s true!! You can have the butt you’ve been dreaming about.

Many women over 40 can attest that their butt seems to “drop” as they get older. In most cases genetics and gravity are the main culprit and there is not much you can do to stop the process. You don’t need to dream about filling out those jeans or wonder what it would be like for “J-Lo” walking the red carpet with her voluptuous back side. [Read more…]