How Liposuction And Fat Transfer Services Can Increase Your Self Confidence

One of the leading causes of low self-esteem is a poor body image. Whither you carry extra weight all over or have localized areas of stubborn fat, both of these situations can lead to a lack of confidence in yourself. Liposuction can be just the solution you are looking for. When someone feels better about their looks, they are often less depressed and more confident than those who have a poor body image. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer To The Buttocks – The Affordable Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks (the Brazilian Butt Lift) is becoming increasingly popular in the United States and around the globe. Many women with flatter backsides feel that they don’t fit in with their families or even with their ethnic race. Patients at MyShape Lipo have said that adding the desired volume to their buttocks will finally help them feel confident with their bodies and no longer feel like an outsider. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer To The Butt: How Natural Fat Cell Injections Are Giving Patients The Results They Want

For several decades, women have opted for buttock enhancement with implants to fulfill their desire for a curvier backside. In the past, the most common procedure was the insertion of an implant into the buttocks called buttocks augmentation. This surgery carried the risk of possible complications, negative side effects and infections, and thus, butt implants never gained popularity. Countless individuals with flat bottoms have considered getting implants but did not like the idea of implanting a foreign silicone or saline item into their bodies. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation for Natural Breast Enhancement

The concept behind fat transfer for affordable breast augmentation is simple: move fat cells from one part of your body where it is unwanted (tummy, buttocks, thighs, arms) to your breasts for a natural breast enhancement of their shape and size.

Fat grafting or autologous fat transfer or lipoinjection was used to enhance or reconstruct breasts as early as 1895, but it wasn’t until the development of liposuction almost a century later that fat cells could be harvested efficiently. Fat transfer via liposuction is widely used today for affordable breast enhancement. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer To The Breast Is On The Rise As An Alternative To Breast Implants

Nearly 400,000 women had traditional breast augmentations with implants last year and many more are waiting for a better option. Over the years I’ve heard women say that it would be really cool if you could take fat from one area and put it in another. That day has come and it’s called “fat transfer breast augmentation,” “natural breast augmentation,” and “autologous fat grafting.” This procedure is not exactly new, it has been performed in Europe for many years now and has actually been done here in the states for about 6 years give or take. [Read more…]

MyShape Lipo Can Transform Your Shape With Fat Transfer to the Buttocks, Get Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Women often feel that their shape is not what they would like it to be. Whether they have felt this way for most of their life or post-pregnancy, it is very common for women to look in the mirror and wish they had a shapelier, more hour-glass silhouette. Many feel that without major cosmetic surgery that they are left with little options to make any change. This isn’t the case! Liposculpture is a safe, minimally invasive procedure that works to remove a bulk of the fat in the treated areas. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer To The Breasts And Changes To Mammography

Fat transfer is a procedure that is on the rise in recent years. Many are concerned that it will cause changes to future mammography exams that could lead to issues. A recent study shows that fat transfer to the breast does not cause significant changes that would lead to further testing. When the fat is transferred there is commonly a percentage of the fat that does not survive. Much of that fat is reabsorbed by your body and excreted. Some of that cellular debris can accumulate in an area and is called an “oil cyst.” These oil cysts will show up on mammography but they do not pose any significant problem. The cellular debris may also get hard and turn to a calcium nodule. [Read more…]

Recycle Your Fat After Liposuction… Fat Transfer To The Breast And Butt

In 2007 it was reported that there were approximately 500,000 liposuction procedures performed. Nearly all of the fat removed from those patients was disposed of as medical waste. Those of you that love to recycle will be ecstatic to hear that there is now a way to reuse that fat instead of wasting it. It is now possible to take fat from an unwanted area and transfer it to an area where it is desired (like the butt and breasts). [Read more…]

Brazilian Butt Lift With Fat Transfer Butt Augmentation

Augmenting or changing your backside with your own fat is very appealing to many women. The results can look very natural and since the fat is yours, there is very little chance for rejection. Many women with flat backsides may have considered implant in the past but did not like the idea of plastic and silicone or saline in them. Now, with fat transfer to the buttocks, a natural change is here. [Read more…]

Brazilian Butt Lift: Here Are The Details

Yes you can have a fuller Butt!! With the Brazilian Butt Lift, fat can be moved from an area of unwanted fat and placed in the buttocks. Every person is different, but in general, the amount of fat required is an average of 250 to 350 ml of fat, which means that you need about 700 ml total. Obviously, most people would be more than happy to remove the fat from an area they hate and place it in their butt; however, in those that are very thin, you may not have enough fat to be transferred. These individuals may be better served with implants if desired. But if you can spare some fat, then the Brazilian Butt Lift is the best option. [Read more…]