Obesity and Large Volume Liposuction. How Much Fat Can You Remove?

For those of you that aren’t your ideal weight with localized areas of fat, there is still hope. With the latest techniques of liposculpture, we are able to remove large volumes of fat in a single procedure. There are some limitations though. The industry standard is to remove no more than 5 liters in single procedure. 5 Liters is roughly 1.4 gallons of fat that can safely be removed through liposculpture. [Read more…]

Liposuction Costs, Why Are Prices So Different For The Same Thing?

The costs of liposuction can vary widely as many of you have found out. You may have gotten one quote for $8000 for your abdomen and love handles from one surgeon, then found our prices of $2955 for the same area. Why is this? With other clinics there may be fees for anesthesia, hospital fees, medication fees, obesity fees. In fact, I’ve had patients tell me that they went into a surgeon’s office with a friend for a consultation only to find out that both of them were quoted different rates for exactly the same procedure. They were told that since one is larger, it will be more work and thus more expensive. Is that fare? [Read more…]

Gynecomastia or Male Breasts: How To Get Rid Of My “Man Boobs”

Gynecomastia is a problem that burdens upwards of 70% of men. The fat and glandular tissue gives the appearance of female breasts. Many men are extremely self conscious of this problem and will not take their shirt off in any public setting. This is a problem that is very familiar to me. Ever since I hit puberty it has bothered me and caused great social anxiety. I’d wear a shirt in the pool and the beach, hunch my shoulders so you couldn’t see my chest pushing on the shirt, avoid any contact to my chest and worked out as much as I could. It caused a lot of embarrassment and made me very self conscious. That was until I had liposculpture to my chest. [Read more…]

Fat Transfer to Breasts or Buttocks: What Is It and Does It Work?

Fat Transfer or fat grafting is getting more popular as the techniques and results are getting more consistent. Fat can be removed from one area of your body (ie. Stomach, thighs, arms) then transferred to an area that you would like to increase in size (ie. Breast and buttocks.) This is a very effective treatment but has it’s limitations. Most liposuction surgeons agree that approximately 70-90% of the fat transferred will actually “survive.” What this means is that only 70-90% of the volume transferred will actually be appreciated in the final results. [Read more…]

Tummy Tuck, Do I Really Need It Or Is Lipo Enough?

The Tummy Tuck has long been used to give patients a flat stomach. Most people don’t realize what is involved in a Tummy Tuck. First, you need to go under general anesthesia which carries a host of potential complications by itself. Second, you will have a “HUGE” scar on your lower abdomen that spans from one hip to the other. Most of the time the skin is pulled too tight and the scar stretches becoming very thick and dark in color. Your excess skin will be removed, and the skin from above will be pulled down and sewn to the skin below. In doing so, a “new belly button” will be cut out for you!! Most of the time, minimal liposuction is performed at the time of the procedure unless you pay more. [Read more…]

Breast Reduction, Is Liposuction the Best option?

Reducing the size of your breasts can have a dramatic affect on your life. With large breasts, the effects of gravity can cause neck and back pain, deep grooves from your bra, and difficulty with physical activities. In the past, plastic surgeons would cut away portions of the breast tissue and skin to reduce the size of the breasts. Unfortunately there are many disadvantages to this procedure. It leaves very large scars and a new nipple will be cut out to fit the new breast. There can also be an odd shape since portions are being cut away. [Read more…]

Breast Augmentation vs Fat Injection To The Breast?

Breast augmentation has been an extremely popular procedure since the’80’s. It’s pretty obvious when a celebrity get’s “new boobs” and usually draws a lot of attention (some good and some not so good.) The traditional breast augmentation with saline or silicon are good but they have their disadvantages. First, there are usually fairly large scars because you need to have a hole large enough to fit the implants. The shape of the breast with implants is fairly uniform, but it has an obvious unnatural appearance that you have implants. For some this is exactly what they are looking for to draw attention. For others it’s unwanted attention and a stigma that they’re “fake.” Also the recovery from Breast augmentation surgery is usually very painful and traumatic. [Read more…]

“Brazilian Butt-Lift” Baby’s Got Back!!

Yes it’s true!! You can have the butt you’ve been dreaming about.

Many women over 40 can attest that their butt seems to “drop” as they get older. In most cases genetics and gravity are the main culprit and there is not much you can do to stop the process. You don’t need to dream about filling out those jeans or wonder what it would be like for “J-Lo” walking the red carpet with her voluptuous back side. [Read more…]

Liposculpture: The Art of Body Sculpting

Liposculpture is the artful and permanent sculpting of body contours through the removal of fat deposits. The procedure will leave you with smaller, shapely body contours that are more proportionate to the rest of your body. Most have figured out by now that you can’t control the way that fat is deposited throughout your body. Poor genes and age can negate good intentions, hours of exercise and healthy eating habits. [Read more…]