Causes of Cellulite

What is cellulite and what is the cause?

Cellulite is something that nearly every women is familiar with, those pesky dimples, lumps, bumps and irregular contours of the skin. By far, women are affected more than men. Aging, weight gain and loss, thin skin and unfortunate genetics all make cellulite worse. Most women simply cover their thighs for the majority of their lives and are very self conscience. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Male – Full Abdomen

Male 32 yrs old, Full Abdomen and love handles

Dude…This is incredible!

The procedure itself was pretty easy. I had it at the end of the day after a long days work, they were nice enough to fit me in. It was much more pleasant than I had anticipated. There was just a weird sensation during the numbing part [Read more…]

Client Journal – Steve

Male age 43, UL abs, LH, butt

The first day after surgery. Just wanted to let you guys know what a great experience i had with you all. From start to finish, you were all very professional and very informative. Trevor explained everything in detail, so there were never any surprises. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Female abdomen and chin

44 y.o. Female, Full abdomen, love handles and chin

What procedure feels like:

The reason why it’s impossible to explain is that it’s just surreal. If you are getting liposuction you know how it’s done and you really don’t want to think about that. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Kenya S

Kenya, S. Full Thighs and Fat Transfer to the Breasts.

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been busy with finals. I know I’m past my 2wk post op and this coming Monday will make it 1 month so here’s my journal. Surgery on 7/22/11, approximately 7 hours after surgery, woke up to change dressing and move around a little. [Read more…]

Testimonial – Monica M.

Monica M, 33y.o. female, arms and inner thighs

Day 1 So far I’m doing great with the liposuction treatment that I had on my arms and inner thighs, yesterday Apr 11, 2011. I was able to drive myself home safe with no pain. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Jana M

Jana M. 53 y.o. female: Full abdomen, love handles, inner and outer thighs, front and back bra rolls and arms

Wanted to jot down a few thoughts on the” Liposuction experience”. My first day after lipo I was a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10 in discomfort. I had quite a bit done. I think I had everything done except my knees so my whole body’s fat areas were “sucking zones.” My skin looks a little lumpy in areas but have been told it will smooth out in time. I’m excited how thin my tummy looks and can’t wait to see final results.. [Read more…]

Client Journal – Andrea M

Andrea M, Fort Irwin, CA: 37 yr old Female: Upper and Lower Abdomen, Love Handles and Hips

10/28/11 – I had liposuction on my abdomen and love handles today. I did not feel much pain throughout the procedure itself. I did feel a pain in my upper rib cage when they had to insert the instrument to get me numb, but that went away quickly. [Read more…]